PolyAir cushion

The Polyair cushion is for people on all levels of  the pressure ulcer risk scale. It is highly effective but also very comfortable and stable to sit on. With Air cushions in the past a qualified Occupational Therapist is required to be present to feel with their own hand that the correct volume (not too much and not too little) is pumped through a valve into the cushion to ensure best for that user.

Each user due to their differing physiology will have a different air level. The Polyair cushion has an electronic pressure measuring device that enables the lay person to set it up because the gauge is scientific thus removing arbitrary and often incorrect set up

The cushion is also very light weighing in at about 1 kg moving up as the sizes increase. The valve is car tyre type and the pressure meter doubles as the pump and air escape tool making use really easy. The way the tool works is by referral to a chart which is the point in a line on a simple xy graph where weight meets bottom circumference. So yes we do need to check users weight and buttock circumference 1st of all. But then its a single digit number which the electronic meter/pump has on a 1-6 scale that lights in an ascending fashion until the number needed is lit. The pump is pulled away and Viola ! the setting is done.

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