The POLYAIR® cushion is the new standard in pressure care for seated ‘at risk’ people.

The benefits go beyond the User …to the Therapist who has in the past been reluctant in many situations to risk a bottoming out episode on an air compartment cushion. With a PolyAir you get : –

  • stability – the honeycomb shape creates it
  • comfort – the subtleness of the Laxprene® ensures it
  • lightness – a dipping process in the making enables it
  • waterproof – the cover is impermeable to fluids yet breathable to diffuse body heat

The pressure measurement tool or manometer gives you a way of measuring accurately the amount of air that is pumped into the cushion – while on it. You take 4 easy steps

  1. Measure around the buttocks to the belly, note it.
  2. Measure your weight, note it.
  3. Look at the graph (comes in the box) and get the intersecting point, note it 1,2,3,4,5 or 6
  4. connect the measure/pump tool and pump or deflate by squeezing the rubber bellow or pressing a button until the scale LED displays your number.

Now you have the right volume of air and you can be relaxed knowing you are getting arguably the best care possible on a static cushion.

Q. How often does it need checking ?

A. We recommend fortnightly. This can be done yourself or by a carer without a check required for ‘bottoming out’. The smart tool manometer does this for you.